About Us

Combining our expertise and knowledge we have developed a programme that can bring about real change for all. We want you to get inspired, get excited and live life to the full.

Jessie Pavelka 1 on 1 - About Pavelka

Who We Are

Jessie Pavelka is a Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer who specialises in working with people who are on their weight loss and fitness journey. He has teamed up with UK based Motivational Specialist Jill Tipping to develop this unique and practical wellness environment.

What we do

Pavelka Health Revolution is a range of resources including workshops, seminars and an interactive membership website which guides and supports those who want to lose weight, improve their fitness or simply live life more healthily.

What We Believe

The first stage to a healthier lifestyle is to embrace where you currently are and then put a plan in place for improvement. The four elements of The Pavelka Way are the key to balance that will allow you to feel confident and empowered as your journey progresses.