Delighted to be Brand Ambassador for RunTogether

Jessie working with England Athletics

It is a privilege to be asked to be an ambassador for the RunTogether campaign alongside Dr Alex Rotas and Sam Mollaghan (the face of This Girl Can Run).  RunTogether was created by England Athletics to provide fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone.

We are pleased to support it as it is for literally everyone, beginners who have never run through to experienced runners. It brings people together, forms connection through a common activity and its whole ethos is about getting you fitter and healthier in the easiest way possible. The moment you put on your trainers, you become a runner, and can do the simplest form of exercise, regardless of age or gender.

When people run together, they are more likely to keep on running. This is why there are RunTogether groups nationwide which you can join. It also encourages those who want more local groups to become Run Leaders and form your own fun filled network of people to run with.

What is the ethos of the campaign?

  • Fun – Running should be a pleasure, not a chore. It creates fun experiences that make people want to run more.
  • Friendly – Wherever you are in the country, you can be sure of a friendly welcome to the RunTogether community
  • Inclusive – Running is for everyone; every age, gender, ethnicity and ability. And everyone wants to run WITH you.
  • Supportive – We all started as beginners and know how that feels; this community supports and encourages one another to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

Those who are beginners can take advantage of the wealth of good, solid advice on the website on how to get started. You can find advice on how to juggle running with Motherhood, best practise tips, how to have a comfortable run,  preparing for races, running with your baby and motivational tips.

So, for anyone looking to build up their fitness and have fun doing it, joining this RunTogether campaign is a wonderful starting point. To make better health a goal, to connect with other like-minded people in a supportive and fun environment, sign up here.

It’ll be a great way to get started, so… get started!!

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5 responses to “Delighted to be Brand Ambassador for RunTogether”

  1. PavelkaMember4770 says:

    Hi I need to lose 5stone 7lbs but having trouble what to do I need an ablation on my heart and a knee replacement joined gym ?

    • Hi,

      Exercise is definitely important part of the process, but ensure you have an introduction session at the gym and take advice on which exercises are suitable for you. Follow the Four Elements of health and make small changes every day. Trust the process… it works!

      Pavelka Team

  2. Debs says:

    When are you coming to Belfast…

  3. says:

    I’m an asthmatic .. find it tough running without heaving for breath .. .. I tried the gym . Exercise was ok but when we had to run around the hall .. it was awful as I had to stop . I WANT to go jogging .. can walking ..Alittle jogging .. xx

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