For a healthy, resilient workforce

Pavelka delivers tailored programmes providing support through:

Online broadcasts

Live events


The Problem

  • Productivity loss associated with ill-health costs the UK economy alone £73 billion a year
  • As a result of ill-health, British employers lose, on average, 27.5 days of productive time per employee each year

Our Approach

  • Pavelka works with companies to help their employees live healthier lives
  • We encourage, instruct and support your people to become stronger, fitter and more resilient

How we do it

  • Pavelka’s ‘one size fits one’ becomes embedded in your company culture and helps your employees be as healthy, injury-free and productive as they can
  • We use a range of resources, products and services based on The Four Elements of True Health
  • With our support, people make small, sustainable changes and begin to thrive

The Results

  • The people we work with begin to shine
  • People around them – their work colleagues, family and friends – want to know why they have transformed their approach to life
  • They ‘pay it forward’ by sharing their stories, inspiring others to get involved
  • More people join and start their journey to True Health. The Pavelka Way is infectious!

Pavelka in action

We work with a global technology company and their 13,000 employees across 67 countries.

Working in this fast-moving industry is exhilarating, but can result in stress and burnout. We work with teams across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia to deliver live learning workshops and webinars, engagement programmes and an online community with access to expertise, tools, techniques and support. Programmes tailored to each team’s needs help individuals make small, regular improvements using The Four Elements of True Health.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Thanks a million for all the effort to get this off the ground – it’s fab!”

“I just wanted to say congrats and thank you for the Pavelka House initiative – it’s AWESOME – so great to be able to access something like this through work!”

“The relevancy of the concept and content felt like a natural fit”

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We can help you to embed True Health into your company culture, supporting your employees to make the changes that will make them healthier and more productive.