39, Wakefield

I finally realised that I was so unhappy with the way I looked and felt angry with myself. I am 5ft 2 and late thirties, I was having to buy bigger size jeans, bigger trousers at work, I felt ugly and fat! I was overweight and classed as obese, for my height, weight, age. Constant jibes about being fat, short, how I looked in my uniform for work, something had to give!

Pavelka taught me to keep going one small step at a time and this made something click in my head. I told myself no more, this is a new start, a new chapter! I went to the gym and focused on me, and I fell in love with the feeling I got with exercise! I signed up to take part in a 10k run for charity and started seeing a big difference to me and my body. Comments from family and friends who noticed my weight loss spurred me on, but I still lacked confidence. I attended another Pavelka event which boosted my confidence and I left the event buzzing, feeling great, motivated to do more – off I went again with exercise and healthy eating. Exercise is part of my life; I feel horrible if I don’t exercise. I set myself challenges and goals, and with the support of the Pavelka Family I am sure I will achieve them. My confidence is slowly building back up, as I can see the results from the hard work. How can I thank you again for changing my path in life? It’s not about quick fixes it’s about lifestyle, that’s why Pavelka works!