45, Somerset

It was New Year 2014 and  I’d started watching a whole load of re-runs of Jessie’s shows and realised, with some horror, that I’d started 2013 in exactly the same way yet had done nothing to change my life in the intervening year.  Ashamed by my lack of action and motivation, I searched online and discovered Pavelka. The rest, as they say, is history!

I was relieved to get some practical tools, tips and advice on introducing some health and fitness changes to my life but I wasn’t sure how it was going to have a real impact on me.  In actual fact, there are really insufficient words to adequately describe how much I’ve benefited.  I am a very rational and reserved person but I would definitely describe it as a life-changing experience. I would sum up my life since finding Pavelka Health as liberating, exciting, friendships, commitment, progress, rewarding. I have a new found love of exercise and the outdoors and have completed a 5K and climbed Mount Snowdon – both things I would never have believed I could do! My health has improved so much, including a marked decrease in the number of migraines I suffer. I feel more focused, living life ‘in the moment’, concentrating on the things I can affect now, rather than worrying so much about yesterday or tomorrow, and making positive choices.  It’s a very a freeing experience.