My name is Nuala, I am 46 and new to regular exercise. I was introduced to Jessie via my sister who was always enthusiastic about his approach to people and health. We went to one of his talks last year and without hesiation and much to mine and my sisters shock, I signed that night for a Pavelka True Health Retreat!

I cannot say why but something about Jessie’s honesty when he spoke made me feel like this is the change I need.

I am a full time working Mum (who sits at her desk behind and screen all day!). I have two children who are my world age 10 and 12, and I wanted to be a good example and live a healthier life. I am very much suffering with the menopause but hope that with a balance of HRT, more exercise and an improved diet, I will see the difference.

So what did the pavelka retreat give me?

– Time on my own
– Time to reflect
– Time to refocus
– Time to connect
– Time to get active
– Tools to take away
– Friendships
– Shared experience
– Met the fab pavelka team who are very caring and inspiring

It all sounds very tweed but this is the fabric of life ..

So one of the main keys I took was 1% change. Keep making that 1% it will add up. Has to be a lifestyle change- not a flash in the pan!

Since I went to the retreat:

– I have journaled a bit …..( Jessie will know this is not my favourite thing)
– I am on a digital detox
– I look forward to exercise
– I have brought exercise clothes
– I have started yoga (3 classes in )
– I have maintained my exercise class (on no 24)
– I have reduced my sugar
– I have increased my water intake
– I have almost cut out diet drinks
– I eat more fruit
– I have been to a gym (I was scared) as have very much taken on board Pavelka Trainer Gareth’s tips on strength
– Done a couple of recipes that pavelka have shared
– I hope to climb Mount Snowdon

For me the aim is to be healthier and fitter I don’t want to be a crippled old woman and I want to see my grandchildren.

I still want to reduce my weight and do more exercise and that is where keeping in touch with those from the retreat and pavelka house really helps.