Message from Jill – Jessie’s business partner and co-deliverer of The True Health Retreat

Are you thinking of coming along to The Retreat this year but feeling slightly apprehensive about what the weekend will entail?

4 reasons to undertake a #digitaldetox

The holiday season is the perfect time to think about your next detox, and we are not talking about a 10-day juice cleanse here. We are talking #digitaldetox. Like the devices we own, we are constantly on. Alert and ready to take on the next challenge that the day throws at us. Whilst some of...

Mental Health in the Workplace – what’s the answer?

We are hearing from a recent report, (Thriving at work The Stevenson / Farmer review of mental health and employers) that poor mental health costs employers between £33 billion and £42 billion a year, with an annual cost to the UK economy of between £74 billion and £99 billion. These are big figures. But should...