The holiday season is the perfect time to think about your next detox, and we are not talking about a 10-day juice cleanse here. We are talking #digitaldetox.

Like the devices we own, we are constantly on. Alert and ready to take on the next challenge that the day throws at us. Whilst some of us believe that we thrive under a little bit of pressure, it creates an unbalance. The stress hormones will be flowing through your body and you may find that you are heading towards burn out. So here are 4 reasons to take a step away from your technology over the holiday period:

Just like our devices, we need to re-charge to ensure we are running at 100%. Study after study has indicated that using your smartphone before bed or having it in the bedroom with you will affect your sleep. Smartphones and tablets emit ‘blue light’ which your brain interprets as daylight. This will cause a surge of melatonin on top of the brain power required to process whatever information you are throwing at it, whether it be the latest news, your Instagram feed or a work email that you just have to respond to before you go to bed. Sleep reduces stress, allows us to process everything that we have dealt with that day, helps to maintain weight and restores our energy levels giving us the best chance of having a productive day, and who doesn’t want a productive day.

Gain a new perspective
Why do so many entrepreneurs say that they have their best ideas at 35,000 feet? Until recently, there was no way to use your Smartphone on an aeroplane. It meant hours of unconnected time to be with yourself and your thoughts. A time of disconnect, when Siri, Alexa or Google can’t give you an immediate answer means you have to mull things over, think of the possibilities and focus on solutions rather than problems. The time for creative and unbound thinking may just help give you the perspective that you need, to take a step back and look at the whole problem or issue you are facing, almost like you are looking down at it from 35,000 feet!

Improve your wellbeing
Removing ourselves from a constant stream of notifications, incessant pings and newsfeeds full of curated perfection is just the thing we need for our own mental health. The human brain just isn’t designed to deal with the over-stimulation we throw at it all day every day. Anxiety, depression, stress and burn out are all common issues in our modern workplaces and are all compounded by the handy computer we carry around with us all day every day.

Experience new things
When we are looking down, we are not looking up. When was the last time you looked, and I mean really looked? When we disconnect from our devices, we create a mental space that allows us to experience. Try a new restaurant or cuisine, and rather than thinking of how “grammable” it is, savour the sights, smells and tastes. How about even having a conversation with the person you are sharing this new meal with? Over the holiday season, it may not really be about experiencing and enjoying new things, it might be really experiencing the traditions that we have built over time. Being with friends and family as you decorate your home, host a holiday party or prepare your meal. Whatever it is, disconnecting from your device will allow you to live purposefully and connect with what you are doing and with those you are doing it with.

Over the holiday season, the Pavelka Team will be undertaking their #digitaldetox and will be sharing what we have learnt in the New Year. Why not join us and tell us what benefits you found on social media using #pavelkadetox