Are you thinking of coming along to The Retreat this year but feeling slightly apprehensive about what the weekend will entail? We totally understand that. It’s a big investment, both financially and emotionally. With that in mind, I wanted to let you know some key things about The Retreat that will hopefully put your mind at rest.

Pavelka True Health Retreats are a unique opportunity for you to work under the guidance of Jessie in a safe, supported environment in order to really understand what is stopping you living the life that you truly deserve. This can feel uncomfortable to start with and you may react in ways you hadn’t anticipated, but that’s when the magic happens. You see, to be able to get to the heart of where you are and understand where you want to be, you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable – to be ‘seen’ – and the Retreat allows you to do that.

Jessie and I work closely with you in a group of just 20-25 people for the whole weekend.

Day 1 – On the Friday evening we will come and meet you all and have a quick chat with you about what the weekend will entail and also set you some ‘thought’ homework in preparation for the following day. Then we leave you with our team to get to know each other – as that is the most important and sustainable part of the whole weekend – the relationships that are created within the group.

Day 2 – Jessie takes the morning session. We all meet, the door is shut – we are not to be disturbed – and the work begins, this is where you will be able to start your journey. Although you will be working with Jessie we want you to feel at ease and open. You are not being judged by anybody, and in my 5 years of supporting Jessie delivering these sessions, his approach and empathy is focused and adapted to each and everyone’s situation, and motives accordingly. I am always astounded by the depth and strength of the human spirit as Jessie works with the people in the room. It is a humbling experience for all. Although you will be working with Jessie, the connection to the group is also what will support and encourage you to open up.
I don’t want to share to much detail here as this has to be experienced in order to understand, but suffice to say that you just need to bring an open mind.
This takes most of the day and it can be challenging – it is supposed to be – so we finish off with a #Sweat session, which is tailored for all levels of fitness and run by Jessie and the Team to make sure everyone finds it an enjoyable experience. It’s where we let tension out and I can tell you, exercise has never felt so good!

Day 3 – The planning starts. You now feel energised and ready to put a plan in place. Jessie and the team take you through a variety of sessions based around The Four Elements; Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect and you get to paint your own picture, with Jessie’s guidance, as to what your life is now going to look like.
You end the day with a firm idea/plan of what your next actions are and you have developed your own baselines; your own set of standards that you will not drop below, even on a bad day. It’s your safety net – your go to when things get tough, to get you back on track – your very own Pavelka Way.
We finish the day with a fun tea, chat and celebration session with Jessie and the team and when you are ready you can make your way back home feeling very different from how you arrived two days previously.

Optional Activities – Outside of the sessions with Jessie, there will also be an assortment of activities consisting of yoga, walking, meditation and workout sessions so that you can choose which are most suited to your abilities. These are available to join during the early morning and evening.

I hope that gives you a guide as to what to expect without giving too much away. I want to give you a glimpse into what the weekend will be without you developing too many preconceived ideas.

Your only prerequisite for The True Health Retreat is an open mind and willingness to take part. That’s it. If you would like to know more please drop us an email with your contact details ‘Here’ and we will arrange a call to chat through any questions you have. You can also visit the True Health Retreat website here.

I look forward to sharing your exciting future with you.